Dreamy Key West Wedding Locations


Available 5-6 pm.

Parties of 20 or fewer

Site fee of $376.25 includes a champagne toast with a pair of butterfly motif champagne glasses for the bride and groom to keep, and a butterfly release if desired.


The cost is broken into 2 payments; $107.50 is the required deposit to hold the date (refundable up to 30 days prior to the event) & $268.75 is due during a scheduled rehearsal or day of the ceremony. 


A fairy-tale venue rain or shine; not only is the location exquisite and the hosts warm and welcoming, the Conservatory gift shop is an absolute wonderland of precious gifts and keepsakes.


For more information contact Kyle Caskey at (305) 296-2988 ext. #19 or [email protected]

The Key West Butterfly And Nature Conservatory

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Caryn and John's Butterfly Conservatory wedding was both elegant and joyful - a perfect expression of their personalities.

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Clearly, Willem is not the only one attracted to Mary's charms! As a matter of fact, butterflies are attracted to some very specific scents, so if you'd like a more personal experience with the Conservatory butterflies, be sure to ask Kyle what scents are butterfly favorites!

The Florida Keys & Key West offer abundant exotic tropical locations while still providing U.S. amenities.

Couples planning a Key West destination wedding or elopement sometimes ask me to suggest possible locations

for their ceremony. I'll be sharing a few of my favorites here with photo samples and web site links. Note that any

prices listed on this page are for site fees only and do not include photographer or officiant services.

I've just started collecting location details for this page, so it is a work in progress...

Warm Wishes,